Saturday, January 12, 2008

El santo

Kit Johnatan

Kit Johnatan is super jealous because his friend El Santo is ready to court Quinceañera, but the party was
already spoiled by Miss Scorpio and Little Araña so there was nothing else to do. While escorting
Quinceañera and friends outside Kit saw Bunny Driver quickly passing by and thought it could be an
excelent idea to ask quinceañera to elope with him. She was shocked hearing his proposal and of course had
a plan of her own. She hoped to mount Little Araña´s horse and ditch the whole thing altogether...

More to come don´t miss it!


“Maribel turns fifteen and walks the intricate path of life”

An assortment of cake, party, toy and campy decoration figures assist a party where Quinceanera, turning fifteen, meets El Santo and Kit Jonatan. Nobody knew it but someone had mischievously invited Miss Scorpio, Miss Cancer and Little Araña. Immediately they tended the quinceanera and her friends, a young just wedded couple, a fantastic trap: King Kong was to ask Quinceanera in fraudulent marriage. Of course young wedded couple friends were flabbergasted and plotted with Kit Jonatan and El Santo who both wanted quinceanera as booty, to put King Kong on fire, thus turning the whole city into a living