Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Miranda Texidor Poemas de Amor y Cartas de Recomendación en Cuenca

Esta es una e accion poética que comenzó en San Francisco California dentro de la muestra Cries of San Francisco en Southern Exposure Gallery, y continúa en Cuenca en el Parque Calderón, dentro de Cuarto Aparte, plataforma alternativa a la Bienal de Cuenca, en el Manso Night Bazaar en Guayaquil y en la Plaza de la Independencia en Quito, ya en su calendario 2012.
Funcionan así: la gente se acerca, me piden un póema de amor para alguien querido, o una carta de recomendación para un trabajo ideal, yo les pido que me cuenten algo de la persona para la que va el poema de amor o si no algo de ellos mismos cuando se trata de la recomendación. Se produce entonces un maravilloso momento de confesión, de acercamiento que me permite crear el poema o la carta. Generalmente los poemas son muy sencillos, en una rima casi casera, pero super románticos.
Las cartas de recomendación son de corte idealista, con el fin de atraer o llamar ese trabajo maravilloso que siempre hemos deseado.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Hace un tiempo me contactó Paola Cesa de Guayaquil, diseñadora y dueña de Cesa designs, a travéz de la Galería Ileana Viteri de Quito, para ser parte de la campaña Creemos Lazos para ayudar a Solca. Este es el lazo que yo hice y otros más. Se develaron el Jueves 22 de Septiembre, en Guayaquil.

Monday, August 01, 2011


Miranda Texidor foto by Aimee Friberg, suitcase by Victor Hoyos, dress and shoes by Ana Fernández and the Sewing Circle San Francisco, fishnet by MultiKuti

Monday, July 25, 2011

Personal Cartographies, Cartografías personales

San Francisco Banks

Stroll out with only one thing in mind, the path will tell you where to go. Act on impulses at all times. Give yourself plenty of time since no set itinerary is at hand. This will take to unexpected places. Be prepared to encounter the unimaginable and act accordingly. Take notes in your notebook. Find an object as a souvenir. Sit down for a while in a café along the way. Say hello to at least one person and ask her a personal question. When you have had enough go back home, if available, and have a cup of soup, wine or coffee, water is good occasionally.

Caracas Tiger

Coming out of Savana Grande, I take the elevator to the first floor, I greet the guard and get coffee in the café right down. I cross La Solana enter the Boulevard Savana Grande, I am tempted to look for something other than a shoe store: a Tiger for instance. I keep walking and stop to gaze at the books at Suma, a forty-year-old bookstore. I come in, I ask if they have a book on Funes, the lady does not understand, nor has it, nor knows it, looks at her computer it does not ring a bell she says. I get out and quickly head to the Metro, to Plaza Venezuela going to El Silencio. I get off right at the offices of the Department of Culture. I walk down the smelly hall full of Piñatas and Muñecos, I don’t know if it smells of cat or human pee, I fill in the visitors log going to floor 16 Towers of Silence. The Director has quit, come back next week.

Café Quito

Every now and then take the Belisario Quevedo bus with all the rights and wrongs pertaining hitherto. Go down Mañosca Street gustily inhaling the smog that emerges from all engines sparing bits of luminous air from time to time. Bravely defy self-defeating tendencies. Snooze all the way to Universidad Central where you will encounter a student riot. Be mindful of stones passing by your bus side to side. You will hit Basilica del Voto Nacional gothic cathedral. Climb all the way up, some stairs might still be under construction after one hundred and fifty years, watch your step. After you have reached the last flight of stairs, catch your breath, come down nonchalantly.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Cutouts and collages from the Octopus Garden series. Collages y dibujos recortados de la serie Jardín del Pulpo 2011

Forever, Pra Sempre (Para Siempre), linocut

Ondas do Mar (Ocean waves)

Summer of Love (Verano de amor)

Levantamiento de pesas (Weight lift)

Perros Gatos y Garabatos (Cats, Dogs and Doodles)

Terremoto (Earthquake)

City by the Bay (Ciudad en la Bahía, San Francisco)

City by Night (Ciudad de noche)

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Sewing Circle San Francisco

A year ago, more or less, we created the Sewing Circle in San Francisco. Sewing circle is a close conceptual cousin to Costurika in Quito Ecuador. Members are Catherine Margerin which is our host, Lashaune Fitch, Claire Senchyna, Sandra, Laura Kemp, Moher, Kate Donell, and me. Both groups were created with the idea of getting together sharing food and drink, interesting conversation and sewing or knitting. We have been getting together every week and our network of friends has grown. We have not yet collaborated on a project together, although we have worked on Miranda Texidors costume for Cries of San Francisco which will be happening on June 4th. Here are some pictures of our gatherings




Lashaune & Moher

Moher and beautiful violet dress by Jeannie

Claire, Catherine, Maio, Ana, Sandra

Moher, Claire, Catherine, Maio

Moher ancore!

Like Mother like son, Ana and Maio

Beautiful knitted dresses by Jeannie