Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I will be showing my drawings, fabric and museum in a box at the Cataclysmic Megashear Ranch studios 1433 Van Dyke Av. at Jennings st. 2nd floor on October 16 and 17 from 11 am to 6 pm come by!!!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Political Speech for a Hydra

A performance done in the streets in Ecuador on the text by artist Jason Kunke, translated by myself and socialized in the Plaza de la Independencia Quito in 2008

Puerto El Morro a year ago, a socially engaged art project

This is the video documentation of a project envisioned by artist Larissa Marangoni in which 10 artists from Ecuador participated and lived in the community of Puerto el Morro engaging in art based Social Practices projects. Among them Falco Fernando Falconí, Ana Fernandez, Josie Caceres, Paulina León, Mayra Estevez, Fabiano Kueva, Edu Carrera, curated by Maria Fernanda Cartagena, with the participation of Alejandro Meitin from Argentina, David Gutierrez, Colombia, Ana Vela, Manuel Kingman and others. Within the community, leader Pedro Morales was one of the key figures as well as Elida, Silvia, Doña
Carmela and other amazing women from this town. Video by Paola Luzuriaga, photography by Javier Lazo