Saturday, May 28, 2011

Sewing Circle San Francisco

A year ago, more or less, we created the Sewing Circle in San Francisco. Sewing circle is a close conceptual cousin to Costurika in Quito Ecuador. Members are Catherine Margerin which is our host, Lashaune Fitch, Claire Senchyna, Sandra, Laura Kemp, Moher, Kate Donell, and me. Both groups were created with the idea of getting together sharing food and drink, interesting conversation and sewing or knitting. We have been getting together every week and our network of friends has grown. We have not yet collaborated on a project together, although we have worked on Miranda Texidors costume for Cries of San Francisco which will be happening on June 4th. Here are some pictures of our gatherings




Lashaune & Moher

Moher and beautiful violet dress by Jeannie

Claire, Catherine, Maio, Ana, Sandra

Moher, Claire, Catherine, Maio

Moher ancore!

Like Mother like son, Ana and Maio

Beautiful knitted dresses by Jeannie

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Miranda Texidor at Southern Exposure

Cries of San Francvisco opening at Southern Exposure Gallery San Francisco

Inauguración del Proyecto Cries of San Francisco en Southern Exposure

La Dra. Miranda Texidor en persona escribiendo poemas de amor y cartas de recomendación para el público aplaudidor.

Dr. Miranda Texidor in person writing her famous poems of love and letters of recommendation for her beloved public

I want to thank fully the collaboration of designer Victor Hoyos, who designed and made the suitcase/table for this project. It would not have been possible without his ideas and great enthusiasm. Thanks Victor!!

Quiero agradecer sobremanera la colaboración del gran diseñador Victor Hoyos, quien diseñó y ejecutó la mesa/maleta de la Miranda. Sin su colaboración entusiasta y genial, este proyecto no habría sido posible. Gracias Victor!!

Thanks also to Maio Alvear who documented the whole project opening! Gracias también a Maio Alvear quien documentó la inauguración del proyecto.

Aquí un fragmento de los anuncio

Here are her cries

Poems of Love, Poems of Love, who wants a little poem, with a little poise?!
Come by to get it, come by right here, you will not be disappointed; you will be happy and sweet. Letters of Recommendation also if you need!
Poemas de Amor! Cartas de Recomendación! Venga y lleve una, escríbale a su amor, no se quede sin su carta, que todas son del Corazon!

No sea tímido, no se deje llevar, que su amor lo está esperando para llegar al altar!
For the job you always wanted for the love you always long! Get a letter or poem befote its forever gone!

Poemas de Amor! Cartas de Recomendación! Venga y lleve una, escríbale a su amor, no se quede sin su carta, que todas son del Corazon!
No sea tímido, no se deje llevar, que su amor lo está esperando para llegar al altar!
Venga señora, venga señorita, vengacaballero, llevese su poema o su recomendación para que le den trabajo o ella le de su amor!!

If you want to be remembered if you want to be forgiven give a little poem it will make a lovely givin!

Ana Fernandez
Miranda Texidor

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Cries of San Francisco at SOEX


A project by Allison Smith in Collaboration with Southern Exposure

Opening Reception & Project Launch at Southern Exposure: Friday, May 20, 2011
Market Day Public Art Event: Saturday, June 4, 2011
Saturday Markets: June 11, June 18, and July 2, 2011
Musical Cries & Manifestos: Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Cries of San Francisco is a project by Allison Smith in collaboration with Southern Exposure that invokes the historic tradition of street peddlers hawking their wares with melodic songs and calls as a means of offering up social revelations on the temporal employments, habits, and callings of nearly 70 Bay Area artists, craftspeople, and other urban workers. The Cries of San Francisco takes the form of a public art event centered around Mint Plaza, a sculptural installation and a series of events at Southern Exposure, and a publication chronicling the project.

Originally inspired by The Cries of London, a centuries-old iconographic tradition encompassing thousands of storied images depicting city street merchants offering a range of goods and services, from primroses to rat catching, The Cries of San Francisco is an interdisciplinary project that invites participants to make and sell crafted wares on Market Street, while “crying out” publicly on subjects of their own choosing. Merchants of food, flowers, sand, and matches; charcoal vendors and chimney-sweeps; basket sellers, knife and scissor grinders, chair menders, and love song writers: in urban folklore, whether as trickster border-crossers or as anchorless outcasts, street criers represent a liminal space between worlds. Questioning the essentialized personification of trades that historically locate economies of craft in and on the body, and by using the framework of historic street cries to articulate new subject positions, this project presents participants with an opportunity to consider their roles in historical processes. With a unique combination of soapbox speech making and sculptural drag, The Cries of San Francisco offers a crossroads in which our identities as artists, makers, independent contractors, small business owners, citizens, immigrants, or outsiders can be negotiated, performed, and addressed publicly.

Announcing the Cries of San Francisco:

Allison Smith as The Town Crier

Essence Alexander as Isis, The Goddess of Life
Sonya Alexandra as The Wrath of Sekmet
Anandamayi Arnold as The Balloon Seller
Art for a Democratic Society as the Class War Store
Binta Ayofemi as the Ice Store
Erik Bakke as The Executor of Expletives, Insults and Hurtful Words
Aimee Baldwin as The Paper Petal Peddler
Kayla Bearg and Dominic Santos as I AM :)
shiloh burton as the Self Appointed Acting Director, GIA
Liz Collins as The Walking Wounded
Colin Cooper and Cole Simon as The Masters of Disguise
Jacquessia Cortes as Trojan Women
Torreya Cummings as Sycamore Slim's Sundries Wagon: Purveyor of Life's Finest Little Necessities to Help Brighten These Dark Times
John Daniel as The Antenna Fella
Maria de los Angeles Burr as The Unsellable
Takila Ducksworth as The Queen of Hearts
Anna Efanova and Dilcia Giron as The Atelier of the Absurd Dream
Ana Fernandez as Miranda Texidor: Love Poems and Letters of Recommendation
Christian Fernandez as the Life Knight
Tara Foley and Maysoun Wazwaz as The Psychic Plumbing Network
Maddie Fried and Bryce Hidysmith as the Revenge of the Sun of the Return of the Sun Monkey Duck Bear 2: Electric Boogaloo
Madeleine Claire Gendreau as The Gabbledigook
Jeanne Gerrity and Morgan Peirce as The Psychic Plumbing Network
Veronica Graham as Camoufleur
Javier Omar Gutierrez as Memory Card/Film Seller
Angela Hernandez as The Dancing Woman
Jonathan Hernando as Super Buffet
Pete Hickok as OffsetLife
Jeremiah Jenkins as Support Services
Jennifer Kaufman as The Mourner's Midwife
Jesse Kauppila as the Bitmap Machinist
Amy Keefer as Alchem-amy
kayte stasny kelly as The Ice Cream Girl
Diala Khasawnih as Zizi Hasheeteh
Paris Malone as Anubis, the Black Rose
Maria as Walking San Francisco
Francine Marquis as Our Families Tree
Sarah Matik as Souvenir Sally's Golden Crate
Larisa Minerva as The School for Practicing Care
Nicholas Morris as The Homemaker
Peter Max Lawrence as Paper Waster Press
Maggie Lawson as The Working Gal
Claudia Leung as the Streetcart Sushi Slinger
Nathaniel Parsons as HA HA LA
Celena Peet as The Peddler of Patent Medicine
Ethan Rafal as the Hysterical Mute Newsie
Lea Redmond as The City Seedswoman
Jaime Rosales as The Mysterious Sticker Box
Maja Ruznic as Your Emotional Trash Can
Kathryn Lynn Shearman as Kazoo, the Roller Skating Bard
Jesus Landin Torrez III as Dr. Shotguns Discotheque A Go Go
Linda Trunzo as the Amazing Intrepid Gleaner
Eduardo Valadez as Don Fortuna presenting San Pancho Buendia
Jamie Venci as The Questing Choreographer
Ashley Weiss as The Everyday Magical Citizens' Coalition
William as The Factor
Imin Yeh as Yeh's Authentication and Protection Services (YAPs)
Tiffany Zeng as the Happy Sound Maker
Ignacio Zulueta as The Scribbler

Curated by Courtney Fink

Support for The Cries of San Francisco is provided by the Creative Work Fund, a program of the Walter and Elise Haas Fund supported by generous grants from The William and Flora Hewlett Foundations and The James Irvine Foundation.

Design by MacFadden & Thorpe

Friday, May 20, 2011

Members Only Opening
6 - 7:30 pm (Become a SoEx Member to Attend)

Public Opening 7:30 - 10pm

Come one, come all! Join Southern Exposure, Allison Smith and The Cries of San Francisco in an evening of celebration and performances. Hearken to a day gone by with performances by select project participants and the opening of the sculptural installation at SoEx.

All SoEx Members are invited to a Private Members' Opening Preview for The Cries of San Francisco. Members will have the first opportunity to pre-order a limited edition print made by Allison Smith for The Cries of San Francisco that will be released in June. Special thanks to Paulson Bott Press and Haines Gallery. Beer generously provided by New Belgium. Become a SoEx Member to attend.


Saturday, June 4, 2011
12 - 5 pm

Locations & Project Headquarters:
Mint Plaza (Off of 5th Street between Market Street and Mission Street)
5th Street between Mint Plaza and Market Street
Market Street between 5th Street and 3rd Street

The Market Day public art project is the central element of The Cries of San Francisco. On June 4th, 2011, the project will center around Mint Plaza and adjoining blocks of Market Street. Led by Allison Smith as the Town Crier, nearly 70 participants engage in the project, offering goods or services embodied by elaborate sculptural costumes and advertized through the melodic street cries called out by each participant. Exchanges take the form of ephemeral acts and actions that cross and blur boundaries of public and private space while others serve as a parody on commodity exchange and the capitalistic nature of the art market, offering up potentially useful models for contemporary artists working in times of economic uncertainty.


May 20, 2011 - July 2, 2011
Gallery Hours: Tuesday - Saturday, 12 - 6 pm

Allison Smith presents a sculptural installation at Southern Exposure that serves as a public house and market hall where participants gather to perform and record their cries and to trade and peddle their wares to the public. The exhibition includes sculptures, works on paper, and ambient sound, creating a tangible stage set for social interaction, dialogue, events, and market days.


Saturday, June 11, 2011
Saturday, June 18, 2011
Saturday, July 2, 2011

Throughout The Cries of San Francisco, select criers will be present at Southern Exposure on three different Saturdays to enact their projects, engage with visitors, sing their cries, and hawk their wares.


Wednesday, June 15, 2011
7 - 10 pm

This Evening presents musical storytelling, folk ballads, speeches and other forms of public address by project participants and local heroes.


From January - June 2011, SoEx’s Youth Advisory Board have had the unique opportunity to collaborate with Allison Smith on the Cries of San Francisco and presents their own individual peddler projects in conjunction with the exhibition and public art event.

Collaborator Partners: Jewish Vocational Services (JVS), Lifeworks, Mayor's Youth Employment Education Program (MYEEP), and Occupational Therapy Training Program (OTTP).


Southern Exposure would like to extend its enthusiastic thanks to all of our incredible friends who supported us at our annual Art Auction last week. If you weren't able to come, or want to relive the fun, you can check out photos from the Solid Gold photo booth.

SoEx Auction guests had their photos taken in a Mega setting complete with gold props and glitter galore. Photos were taken by photographers Winni Wintermeyer and Katie Newburn.

Our Flickr:
Katie Newburn /
Winni Wintermeyer /

Our amazing Silent Auction MC, Jenifer Wofford, and friends.
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