Thursday, December 03, 2015

COLIFLOWER POWER Ocho y Medio, a mural in the city of Quito

En Julio fui comisionada para hacer la tremenda labor de pintar este mural para el Ocho y medio en el barrio de la Floresta en Quito. Una experiencia totalmente distinta que aquella de pintar en mi estudio. Pude conocer a los cineastas, que siempre llegan a almorzar al Cafetina, y sus proyectos unos muy buenos y otros de muy buena fe. Tuve la ayuda de mucha gente de la comunidad para pintar. El apoyo siempre constante del Ocho y su directora. Debo decir que no fue fácil, es una tarea homérica, gigantesca puestos a ver, pero finalmente fue terminada en un súper convite para los amigos y vecinos. No es fácil pintar en la calle, los pitos, los humos, los vecinos, altercados en los que no tenía nada que ver pero me tocaban, en fin, señores y señoras. Aquí está!

In July this year I was commissioned by the Film House Ocho y Medio in Quito Ecuador to create a mural for their entrance. All freedom was given to this project which I called COLIFLOWER POWER in homage to that beautiful power of the weak and nonsensical. It was a great chance to work with community in el Barrio La Floresta and to  get to know the filmmakers and patrons of that wonderful café named Cafetina. It was quite an experience altogether different from painting in my studio. Loved the results. Thanks to Ocho s  directors support and the people of la Floresta. Voilá!

Affect theory conference, Lancaster Pennsylvania. Miranda Texidor Love Poems and letters of recommendation

Miranda Texidor's poems of love have been traveling the streets of San Francisco and Quito Ecuador for three years now, having written more than 300 poems of love and letters of recommendation for people who would like to find love and affect in the world.
Miranda Texidor, carries a small suitcase that quickly turns into a writing table and stool. She goes dressed in regal garment and traverses the streets to finally sit down and call clients to talk to her about their love troubles so she can write a poem or recommendation for them to find love and comfort in this World.
Inspired in the marvelous Latin American traditions of the street peddler and writer, this performance offer a chance to delve deliciously in the past while using a relational art experience as a bridge to community building and affect dissemination.
The audiences readily engage in this whimsical call, come one by one, share their conflicts, happiness troubles and the artist writes a poema or letter for them to give to their love ones or just keep for a later need.
Usually Miranda peddles her gifts (the letter are given free of course) calling the audience in English and Spanish.

The performance has been done various times in San Francisco California within the Cries of San Francisco at Southern Exposure art space, and Quito, Cuenca and Ambato, Ecuador streets.

I was invited to submit my Wreck the format proposal and it was accepted. I had the wonderful support of my very talented friend Susana Wappenstein who was also one of the presenters at the conference.

Here we met at the Affect theory conference in Lancaster where many people were able to talk to me about their conflicts, hopes and affects within that context