Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Our weekly project

Artist Barry McGee is a well known member of SF community. His work addresses specially those subjects  somehow left by the contemporary world. His installation here drew many questions from our students at the Bus and many questioned what it really was! this was quite an opportunity to explain the breadth of scope of Mcgee's work and how it can be of inspiration to all of us. Students recreated a neighborhood character with all details and also composed a geometrical collage with diamond shapes and lots of colors  ala McGee's.

The Bus El Bus

Este es el famoso Bus (que yo manejo!) del Imagine Bus Project, tendremos una fiestita de terminación de clases el día Miércoles en Bayview Opera House, bravo!. 
This is our famous Imagine Bus Project Bus (that I  am currently womaning!) we will have an end of summer party at Bayview Opera House on WEdnesday the 30th, yeay!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Our next project, working with recycled materials, Artists Dayana Rivera and Pablo Gamboa

We will be working around the issues of recycling and making things from old toys and boxes, and thinking about play as a means of creation. The work of these two artists from Ecuador show us the place of wonderment and play in our day to day wanderings. We will start by looking for toys and things that interest, or "call" us and then we will be creating a small box that showcases a game or creation inspired by the works of art seen.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Next two artists Pastorini and Annette Messeger

We worked on one project using needles and sowing as a means to create a creature of sorts as we saw it in the work of Messager and Pastorini. Kids liked it although it was very difficult to saw for some of them for the first time.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

At the Imagine Bus Project

Ariadna Pastorini installation at Florencia Braga Gallery Buenos Aires

One of the kids at work in the Bus

8 workshops dedicated to the study, wonderment and hands on experience of the work of world contemporary artists: Clare Rojas, Barry McGee, Cheri Samba, Bruna Truffa, Beatriz Milhazes, Dayana Rivera, Miranda Texidor, Nazareth Pacheco, Annette Messager, Pablo Gamboa, Ariadna Pastorini, Danielle Leventhal.

These series of workshops are intended to create interest and love for the work of various and very different artists from across the globe. Students will be able to recognize, cite and know this work through hands on experience creating their own work inspired in the ideas of these artists.

Students will be invited to look intently at the work of two artists per workshop, compare, elaborate on the influences, methods and ideas of the artist and the work and draw conclusions based on their own thoughts.
Then they will be invited to create an art piece based on the artist’s work, always drawing from their own experience and cultural background.
An array of materials will be used fro each artist and process.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

La proxima clase haremos

Un trabajo a partir de una imagen de la obra de la artista brasileña Beatriz Milhazes cuyo trabajo me gusta tanto. Vamos a empezar analizando un poco esta obra específica, y después haremos un collage con recortes, pintura, tinta, hilos y mullos.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

El primer proyecto tiene a 2 artistas

Dibujo de uno de los niños del Proyecto IBP

Bruna Truffa "Domingo"

Antonio Berni "Martha Shvartz"

Proyecto hecho en el Imagine Bus Project un proyecto educativo sin fines de lucro en San Francisco California.
2 artistas Del cono sur: Bruna Truffa y Antonio Berni
Lo primero que hacemos es analizar la obra de cada uno y cada niño dice lo que esta le trae a pensar o imaginar. Se han discutido problemas dentro de la jornada del trabajo de las mujeres ( sus madres) o familiares y también hemos discutido conflictos de género. Despues hemos hecho un proyecto pictórico basado en la obra de estos dos artistas.

Friday, July 04, 2008

En San Francisco

De nuevo en San Francisco para trabajar en el Imagine Bus Project. Un bus que va a diferentes sitios de la ciudad y lleva clases de arte para chicos de 6 hasta 18 años de edad. Yo hare un proyecto llamado "Museum in a bus", que implica el ver y analizar diferentes obras de artistas del mundo con niños de 6 a 10 años, y despues, inspirados en estos hacer un proyecto de arte. Los artistas que veremos son Barry McGee, Clare Rojas, Ariadna Pastorini , Antonio Berni, Pablo Gamboa, Dayana Rivera, Cheri Samba, Nazareth Pacheco entre otros.